Austin City Roleplay


Welcome to Austin City Roleplay, we are a brand new community-based in loving Austin Texas, this community puts time and effort into the server to make it enjoyable for our people. We are currently running a vMenu Server for everyone to enjoy, Our servers are run off of Andy's Development ND Framework. Our main focus is to bring the most immersive roleplay server to the public, ranging from custom scripts to vehicles that you don't see in the average field.

What We Have To Offer

►Streamer Friendly Community
►Player Owned Businesses
►Custom Scripts / Vehicles / Clothing
►Mature Owned / Mature Staff Team
►Active Giveaways
►Active Law Enforcement
►Active Staff & Development
►Web-Based CAD-MDT
►Much More!!


►Staff Team
►Texas Department Of Public Safety
►Travis County Sheriff Office
►Travis County Fire Rescue
►Austin Police Department
►Federal Aviation Administration
►More Will Come Within The Future

Final Notes

We are currently looking for staff, law enforcement department leads, partnership programs, media team and more!